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serena milan {trash the dress}

This past week has been at lot of firsts. Again! With the “firsts” tangent, you read about it last time in Lacey’s body art blog post. So I won’t divulge into it all over again, but you have got to know that I am just tickled to pieces to be posting my first trash the dress session. With no other than we middle school bff, Serena,- like broken heart necklaces and the works. We were legit.. Okay, okay. No friendship memorabilia of those sorts, but she’s my girl from way back.

When she called me about doing a post-bridal, I was 1) so extremely excited to hear from my long lost pal and 2) so excited to start brainstorming about our session. Post-Bridal sessions are awesome. The End. They are great, because it allows my clients and I to be so much more creative without being so closely focused to only posing/shooting in areas that won’t cause wear and tear to the dress. The possibilities are endless.

I knew I wanted to do something in an open field, and you all know me and my vintage props. The cauldron of ideas were a-brewin. Then I remembered the creek nearby. My mouth dropped, my ideas went rampant, and pictures of that creek bombarded me. I was in love with the session already.

When I approached Serena about the creek, I reminded her it was only an idea and no pressure. I got this answer back..Uh, heck yeah girl! I would love to- I can’t wait for our session!! Whoa. Hang on a second here. You mean you wanna trash your dress as much, if not more than me?? Okay. It’s obvious. I love my clients for letting my mind run crazy for their sessions, and just hanging out for the ride. They. Rock. Period.

Awesome clients. Awesome stylist… Ms. Devin Eddins at Yogi’s salon in Nashville. Wanna see the rest of her work? Check out her featured post here and another photo session here. Yes, she works magic. She started Serena out with the updo, took it to a half down cascading curls, added a flower crown, and tossled it for the final hair let down water photos. Got a wedding? Gotta call this lady…Thanks, Dev for your help.. you rock my face off with what you do.

Serena– muah, muah muah! Thank you so much for being my first eva trash the dress. You are so open to everything, and I had a blast with you. I hope your wedding dress will cease smelling like fish soon. Just got ahead and frame that puppy or make a barette out of it for the little one : ) Oh girl, you know me and dev-  we be thinking of ideas for that dress twenty years from now. You are the best.


Serena - April 21, 2011 - 9:07 pm

Jessie-I absolutely LOVE these. Brian loves them. You are just so darn incredible and I am in love with the turn-out of the session. My dress still smells like fish, but it is SO worth it, and adds another wonderful memory to what the dress is for. You are talented beyond measure :)

lovechild - July 1, 2016 - 4:56 pm

. i would have never reported her if it was me … stupid boy really…every boys dream ..bannging your teacher ..why would u report that !!!!

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