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Starting off with a bang..

Well hello there, fancy seeing you again. I’m blogging with a vengeance. There’s just no stopping me now. I know, only day 2 but oh my have I been pumped about this blog post all day yesterday.

Today is the big day. Off to Florida for my big brother’s wedding. I can’t believe it’s finally just around the corner. I have waited and waited for this little beach trip and the actual wedding day, and I’m so stoked to see two amazing people tie the knot. This Saturday I’ll get to watch Jimmy and Laura finally seal the deal of their 7 year relationship. I honestly can’t wait, and you know I’m gonna be keeping everyone up to date out there. I’ve gotta share all the details about this trip. It’s totally gonna rock my face off.

And you know I’m gonna boo-hoo- just like a big ole baby up there beside Laura. Makes me emotional just thinking about it *tear*. When I was younger, never understood why people cried at weddings. Now that I think about it, I don’t think any young person ever does. But I get it now, and I’ll be tearing up midway down the aisle.. What can I say? I’m a crier. Down to the core. The good or the bad, doesn’t matter. I’m just passionate. It’ll be the death of me..

I’m amazed by how quickly this wedding has snuck up on me. I’ve said it 3 times, and yes I’ll say it again. And probably once more before this blog post ends. But even more so, I can’t believe my older brother is getting married. It makes me feel old. I’m the baby of the family, and after he takes the dive- I’ll be the only one left who hasn’t taken the plunge. Everyone’s all grown up!! Well, in lieu of this special occasion, I just couldn’t help but to post a old photo commemorate this big event in my brother’s life. Had to put up a little pic of Jimmy and I when were dressed to the nines for my aunt’s wedding. Looks like we’ll be getting a more recent pic this weekend of us in our Sundays best, but until then lovin this picture of us lookin’ so fly…


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