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Styled Session: Holly Hodges + Featured Stylist: Devin Eddins

So in the latest turn of events with my photography, I’ve taken on a couple of new stylists for future creative sessions, and this will be the second of both that you’ve seen on my blog! I did a post of Devin Eddins in a previous post, and can I say how jealous I was of those adorable locks that girl was rockin? Yeah, totally envious.

But what can I say? This girl knows what she doing… hopefully I can get an appointment of my own here shortly! When Devin told me she was interested in photos for her portfolio, I was pumped- this is the first time I’ve ever paired up with a stylist in shoots, and I could not wait to see where the collaboration would lead. I met Holly through Devin- they work together at Yogi salon in Nashville, and the two paired up on some hair and makeup while I made the trip up to Nashville.

Originally we had planned to meet on the opposite end of Nashville, but you know me and my amazing skills with direction.Yeah- not really. My friend, Jordan, tagged along. Bless his little heart. I was stressed to the max and stuck in 5 o’clock traffic. I couldn’t imagine dealing with me. But he did. That’s my homie..

Finally we ended up in a part of Nashville called The Gulch– loved the views and the city feel of the area (as long as I wasn’t behind the wheel- Holly was nice enough to let us hop in her car). As soon as we got the car parked, the four of us hopped out and started snapping those photos… love how these turned out and I was so glad to get to know more about Holly and work with an old high school friend on the same session. It just makes me love my job even more. I LOVE meeting new people!

Can I just say how awesome it was to work with a stylist? I have to get on a soapbox here, people. My apologies. But this girl rocked it out. Not only did she do Holly’s hair and makeup, but she also advised Holly’s outfit and lugged around a huge tote filled with scarves, jewelry, and several different kinds of shoes. Uh, yes. Go girl go. Totally made my job a breeze having a second pair of eyes with me, and I’m so looking forward to working with Holly on a styled session as well to showcase her skills off as well.

Without further ado……. picture time!!

Wanna find out more about Yogi’s? Get information and directions here. And oh yeah, ask for Devin ; ) Or  Holly- they’re both awesome and you guys will definitely be seeing more of their work soon! I am so excited to add these styled sessions in the mix and can’t wait to feature more in the future! And oh yeah..Have to say: loving this weather right now, most def..


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