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sun, sand, and some Finn <3

On one of those gorgeous mornings on that oh-so- awesome vaca/destination wedding I just returned from ( can you tell I’m missing it like crazy?!), I got to snap a few shots of my sister, her hubby, and their adorable little one- Mr. Finn.

I was so pumped when Ashley asked me to join her and Rob on a little beach adventure with the little man. This was my first session on the beach since I’d started this whole photog venture, and boy was I ready to set up in the sand and get some of the B-E-A-UTIFUL blue ocean in the background. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

I am so super glad to be posting these, and I love being able to photograph my familia. They’ve been around me for so long, and it’s so wonderful to incorporate them into this huge passion of mine : )

Okay, in the spirit of posting about my own family, I suppose a story is appropriate : It’s been a long time since I was 5 and following Ashley around EVERYWHERE. Any chance she gets she’ll tell ( in detail ) anyone about my infamous swirly. The day my pestering became a little too much. A SWIRLY, people! Don’t know what that is?? Picture a young me, being held up by my ankles by my sister and a friend, with me head half way in the toilet. Then imagine the toilet being flushed. ¬†Introdicing… the swirly.. ta da! All in good fun, of course! But boy was I shedding some tears back in the day.. ha! I can’t help but to laugh about it nowdays, we both still get a kick out of it.

Just had to share : ) and now for the photos..


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