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The Little Engine That Could..

                 Another morning blog post : ) My, my, my. How I do love an early morning with my computer, window nook, and oh, yes of course, my creme de coffee. A little snow added in the mix, perfection!  So.. here’s the latest.. about to head  over to my old stompin grounds- Cookeville High School- to start setting up for the big day. I really can’t believe it has crept up on my like it has. I’m totally prepared, but still amazed by how quickly time does fly. 

                 So I have printed cards, tied ribbons, stamped envelopes, and photo edited for the show until I’m blue in the face. The positive here? The bridal show! My saving grace in this situation? No cable. Without tv, it’s just me, Mr. Jack White ( White Stripes, of course ), and my living room floor mess that I have come to call ” Bridal Show extravaganza T minus (remaining number of days)!!” I like to yell it at the top of my lungs when BD tries to walk in or out of our living room. It makes him smile, or laugh, or just forget about the mess altogether. Either or, fine with me!

                So my mom came over to my super small apartment yesterday to bring by prints I’ve ordered and check out my progress for Sunday. I so sneakily shut all doors with messes behind them. I’m a mature young woman, I can keep a clean house. Hmm.. yeah so not really. Still a mature young woman, but a very messy one at that. I picked up a bit around my  living room/kitchen, lit a few candles, and switched on the Christmas lights that are still up. I like em though..and  I’m in business : ) I think I’m just little Ms. Superwoman until I realize the entire room is still a photography wreck! Oh well, If a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind… I immediately felt better.

               It’s a headache to look around at all of it, but at the same time it’s kinda rewarding. I mean I can remember last year at the bridal show I literally had almost nothing with me. I had an easel, a canvas, a look book with my wedding and engagement portraits, Hershey Kisses to hand out, and candles for my table. I started out slow, no doubt about it, and I’m still just a chuggin along ( The Little Engine that Could reference)…. there’s still a TON for me to learn, but I am in love with doing just that : )

               SO…. come out and see me tomorrow if you can! CHS from 12-6! Stop by my booth and say hi– I’d love to see your smiling face!

And of course…. Picture time! Whoop Whoop!  Here’s a few shots from the Mantra Metals shoot this week with Sarah Hall and Tia Knowles. In doing my layouts for the jewelry line, I can’t use all the pics sadly enough, so I just have to pick one or two that really show off the jewelry. I just couldn’t pass these photos up in posting mode, these girls are just too gorgeous! Enjoy : )

amy callahan - January 10, 2011 - 11:33 pm

You are doing awesome!!!! Your work looks fab! Keep it up girlie.

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