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Thelma & Louise and our first wedding of 2012

I think my heart could just explode after the last weekend in March.

Let’s start from the beginning. As always, a better place than just about any… plus, I’m feeling like all my photo friends are always down for a good afternoon read.

Where’s that ottoman? Kick your feet up, bro. Bro?! Yup. Too much DJ Pauly D and Jersey Shore. I’m so shamefully addicted to reality tv, I must admit.

So from the beginning *ah-hem…

I packed up and loaded into my car Friday morning, March 30th to be exact. It was sunny, beautiful, and a day begging for a good road trip. It’s been a about year since my last lengthy drive, and I was long overdue. I needed the wind in my hair, the shades permanently adhered to my face, and the loudest 80’s radio station playing.

I needed a Thelma & Louise moment to the infinity power.

With my girl Beth in the passenger seat, this trip was shaping up quite nicely, and the eight and half hour drive down to St. Simon’s island was just peachy.

The best part? I think we talked the whole time… only pausing to belt out some lyrics with some of the music world’s greatest…

If you like Pina Coladas and gettin’ caught in the rain…

Oh yes.. Two girls and retro music can be dangerous. All my karaoke queens raise your fists… haha I know you’re with me. : )

Our trip was eventful… we pit stopped often (we’re chicks, geez!), went 28 minutes off our course to find the nearest Starbucks (coffee feens unite!), and rain over a semi’s entire tire in the middle of the road ( it was the 80’s music, I swear!). We laughed and danced in our seats to  The Hustle (Beth: You just can’t help yourself right?!?! Her shoulders moving back and forth…an upperbody spasm of sorts. Am I right?? You just gotta dance when you hear this! I can’t sit still!! )  We laughed while the top part of our bodies convulsed. Chiming in with Do the Hustle!! because that’s they only part we knew.

One thing is for sure, passing vehicles must have thought we were looney.

And you know what?

We probably are, but the best times in life are when ya let loose and go a little crazy. So this trip was welcomed by me with open arms… and given one hell of a bear hug at that.

I needed this, and the picture perfect reason behind it all?

These two lovebirds..



I met Liz through possibly one of the most heartfelt inquiries I’ve ever received- a page long email explaining her love for my photos and her deep passion for her fiancé. Smitten? Just as much as she was with her beau- I was tickled to pieces to have gotten such a sweet letter.

Things like this make me fall in love with my work all over again. I think if it were a person.. BD  might get jealous. Admittedly, it makes me weak in the knees to this day. (Don’t worry B.Dizzle- you’re my # 1 maker of knees ‘o wobbly.)

After their awesome engagement session ( you can check out that full post of Liz+Derick’s love here), I simply couldn’t wait to photograph them on their day.

I’ll save all the details for their wedding post… but boy do I have some words to spill out to you. You know me, it’s hard to keep anything bottled up into this extroverted heart of mine. I might just have excitement bubbling out of my ears to have to wait, but it will be so worth it to share their wedding day story with all of their awesome photos.

Excited is an understatement..

But! Alas, you know my photo self could not keep you beautiful peeps waiting for a pretty reveal  photo of Liz + Derick on their most amazing day (which was also Derick’s birthday, by the way! A hot wife to boot?? Best birthday present eva!!)


Are you falling in love with them too?

Yup. See what I mean? Sold like one of those styrofoam fat fingers at a baseball game. I’m smitten because they’re smitten. I’m coming down with a bad case of feeling the love here people.

Cut to early Sunday A.M…. Beth and I are traveling back to Cookeville much in the same way as we left: Perma-sunglasses, coffee cups & soft drink bottles galore, and the best set of 80’s you can imagine on the speakers. Loving life as much as when hopped in the car on Friday morning. Why? #soblessed.

Omigosh….Did I just hashtag it on my blog??!?! EEK! Non-Twitter faux paus. (I’m smirking right now because of a rant I recently saw on Fbook condemning the use of hashtags anywhere but Twitter. It made me laugh for the severity in the tone. As if our ever-changing world of social media has some “social graces” book that we are given along with our usernames to all these online outlets. Just for a quick second.. I must say… If you wanna hashtag it. HASHTAG it. Who cares? Rock it out.)

I just committed a virtual etiquette crime. BOOM. It was so totally appropriate.

Are you having fun reading? I’m gonna guess so, if you’re still with me. Thanks for sticking around. : ) I’ll be sharing the good stuff that was their wedding day in the coming weeks.

To tide you over until then??

No worries, my pretty. I’ll hook you up with some photos Beth took of our driftwood location for the after ceremony pics of the bride an groom.


Thanks for the coming on over to this post. This new blog love is making me feel as giddy as that sand in my toes this weekend. I’m being smothered by everything awesome… keep piling it on.





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