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Warren & Meredith | Engagement | Chattanooga | Tennessee Wedding Photographer

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Oh me oh my, how I do love any day that’s marked with a big whole red heart and lots of sweet stuff for my taste buds. What’s that you say?? Russell Stover’s? Salivating already. Who’s got the big whole red box with the 42 flavors of truffles? Pass it over. When it comes to chocolate, I don’t play.

So in early celebration of this lovey-dovey holiday that awaits us tomorrow, I thought why not share an engagement sessio?! It’s kinda the best way ever to give a big-hearted “hoo-rah” to cupid himself. Yes, young couples in love. *sigh* I am all about that. And chocolate. Let’s not forget the chocolate.

I met Meredith and Warren in Chattanooga (one of my favorite places to shoot! soooo pretty.), I was tickled pink at the spot they choose: an artsy district sprinkled with museums, statues, and adorable quaint coffee shops.  I was so in love with their engagement spot, and shooting this couple in love, so close to a holiday about love…Whoa. Are you feeling it? The love, fo sho. I was diggin’ it.

We had a blast on our photo walk, and we even grabbed some shots with their cute pup at the end. As if I needed another reason to want a dog… (Thanks Meredith! I think I might just go on a spontaneous trip myself and get one. Great minds think alike! haha)

Natives of Nashville, it was cool to get to photograph them in their Chattanooga home and to rock out some photo ops in the city where they met. Gotta love a little college meet-n-marry. I dug their style, and their stories they had to tell. I simply cannot wait for their September wedding to arrive. It’s gonna be a blasty-blast and this ole girl is checkin’ off her calendar.

Until then…

An engagement post to celebrate an early VDay. Woot woot for a couple in love! Insert heart emoticon here. ; )

Jessica - August 5, 2015 - 11:11 am

How much do you charge for engagement photos?

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