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heather & brandon | 10.13.12 | Crossville, TN | Cumberland Mountain Lodge

When Heather and Brandon took me to their engagement session location, I was beyond speechless. The wilderness. The openness. The run-down shed in the back. Oh yes. I was pumped to shoot there.

When they told me this is where their wedding photos would be made, I transported straight to photo heaven. I was so happy… so tickled… so euphoric. You might as well just serenade me with a string quartet, a tall glass of vino, and a plate full of cheese. I was one happy girl.

Their engagement session was a blast, and I am always a huge supporter of getting to photograph in a venue before the wedding. Wanna check out their engagement love shoot? Click on the image below to check that out.

(Wanna read more about my love for engagement sessions? Click here. )



When Amy Lou and I arrived to Cumberland Mountain Lodge, I was tickled. See, I had gotten to see all the fabulousness of the landscape but hadn’t gotten to bask in the interior of the lodge.

Did you say Navajo print? Holla atcha homegirl, for reals. If you know me personally, you know I’m a bohemian through and through.. a free-spirit with a fashion obsession, taking a backseat only to photography and everything Nikon. I live on the Free People Blog and pinterest my dream closet daily. Navajo is all the rage, and when I walked into this space I kind of had an out-of-body experience. Ever seen Multiplicity? Yes, I totally went all Michael Keaton on this place. I immediately saw myself photographing all the possibilities in 15 places in the room. In actuality? I blanked. Saynora reality. I was in a photo haze and in the best way possible. Amy Lou was talking to me and all I could do was drool over the potential in this place.

So.. can we please start off by bragging on this bridal party? As if the overall “oh-my-gosh-I-love-it” moment was’t overwhelming enough when I waked in, these bridesmaids were after my own heart. The dresses were hung so prettily on the side window of the room and the bouquets were stacked neatly on the table. Sweet, I whispered to myself. I love preparation, and these girls were on point.


The dudes arrived. Such ballers. I was stoked to see these gents again. Good friends from my college days, I beamed about getting to work with Brandon and his groomsmen. They have always been a blast to hang with, and you guys know how I feel about getting to photograph old homies. It really doesn’t get any better.

Speaking of old days, can we reminisce for a second? You know me, I’m a bird in flight most of the time so I am all over the place conversationally. I just wanted to share a funny moment with you guys that happened with Heather and Brandon years and years and years ago. Let’s talk.

So, these two were sitting at one of my tables when I was serving at Crawdaddy’s in Cookeville, TN (Cajun cuisine delicious-ness. Never been there? Add that to your to-do list stat. Your taste buds will thank you), Heather and Brandon were sitting with their parents at one of my tables, and I started up a converation. By starting up a conversation, I mean I so bluntly asked if they were engaged.

Forward? Me?? Bahaha. Always. Let’s get to the point here, people. I’m an up front kinda gal.

I guess I asked them because I really thought they were.. there was something about them.. I don’t really know what it was. I just got that feeling. Call me esoteric, but I get these vibes sometimes.. I was getting them. Big time.

They laughed at my question.. A little befuddled, but obviously entertained by my matter-of-fact inquiry. Although they weren’t at the time, I slide them a business card and told them to call me. I was just getting my business off the ground, and I would have been so excited to get to work with these two. There was just something about them.. they made me even more confident in my decision to become a wedding photographer. I love working with couples.

When we met for Heather’s consultation a couple years later, she slid me the card back across the table at the coffee shop. I almost started crying. I picked up the crinkled, outdated card and flipped it from back to front. My very first logo paired with one of my very first pictures pulled at my emotional heartstrings. Just as overcome as I was about the long road to present day, I was even more smitten with this girl. This lady who so sweetly held onto my information from day 1, beginner photographer and all.  I can’t ever really put into words how much it meant to me to work with someone who believed in me from the start.

( Heather– I freakin’ love you. Seriously. I just had to pause and straight up thank you for that. It made my heart burst into a million little pieces, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that. You’re my girl. )

Fast forward to their wedding day and I’m photographing her as she slips on her dress and finishes her make-up. I watch as she has this first look that should serve as a representation of why couples should do one. So emotionally awesome.

The rest of their day proceeded as perfectly as it began.. laughter, tears, and everything reception dance party fun. I loved this day and much as the people in the photos.

Now getting to share their images with you is genuinely one of the best parts. I’ve so looked forward to this.

Thank you guys for reading. : )

Happy Wedding Heather & Brandon. Woot woot!!

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